Henrico Doctors' Hospital
April 30, 2019

Retreat Doctors’ Hospital first in Virginia to expand urological program with next generation robotic technology

Surgeons perform first successful prostate surgery in the commonwealth using the most advanced, Single Port Robot

Richmond, VA - HCA Virginia's Retreat Doctors' Hospital is the first hospital in the commonwealth of Virginia to perform urological surgery using the latest robotic technology designed for single-incision surgery.

Drs. Blake Moore and Tim Bradford recently performed the first case using the da Vinci Single Port SP robot to remove the patient's prostate.

"The advent of more minimally-invasive procedures and robotic technology have allowed surgeons to perform more complex procedures with greater precision and increased visualization," said Moore. "Being able to offer our patients the latest technology to ensure the best possible outcome and, ultimately, quality of life are among our greatest goals."

Traditional methods for prostate surgery have involved larger incisions, post-operative side effects, greater risk of excessive blood loss and infections, increased pain, and longer hospital stays.

"Having this latest technology will allow us to offer a more enhanced patient experience," said Beth Matish, chief executive officer of Retreat Doctors' Hospital. "The new surgical approach is yet another example of how we are continuing to remain at the forefront of the cutting-edge advancements in urological care."

Retreat Doctors' Hospital has established its reputation as Central Virginia's destination hospital for urological care, providing Central Virginia residents with the most experienced team of urological surgeons and the most advanced technology. Recognized by Healthgrades as a Top 100 Hospital for Prostate Surgery, the Center for Urology delivers the latest innovations in urologic care. For more information, visit Retreat Doctors' Hospital's website.