Visitation policy

To reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses, we are taking the following precautions to protect our patients and you:

  • Patients (age 16 and older) are limited to one adult visitor at a time
  • Overnight patients are limited to one adult visitor in the following areas:
    • Pediatrics
    • NICU
    • Labor and delivery
    • Mother/infant
    • Pre- and post-surgery (patient advocates)
    • Med Surg/Step Down
    • End of life
  • ER Patients are limited to one adult visitor (age 16 and older)
  • COVID positive patients are restricted from having visitors throughout the duration of their hospital stay
  • Patients receiving continuous aerosol-generating procedures are restricted from visitors
  • Patients receiving intermittent aerosol-generating procedures (i.e nebulizer therapy, CPAP during sleep) are restricted from visitors 70-minutes after completion of treatment.

Visitors 15 years old and under are restricted.

Hospital staff will pre-screen all visitors (using standard pre-screening questions) and will require visitors to wear masks. All visitors will be required to wear identification indicating they have been screened.

Visitors who screen positive for flu or COVID-19 will not be able to visit a patient except for:

  • an end-of-life situation
  • a family member or guardian must make a medical decision

Visitors will be asked to refrain from visiting and utilize alternative methods of communication with patients who are under observation or test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

We recommend and encourage virtual communication with loved ones through the use of digital platforms and apps like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances.

Thank you for your help in maintaining a safe environment for our patients.