Birth Center Tours and Free Prenatal Classes at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital in Richmond

You’re pregnant and probably have many questions: What are the early signs of labor? How often should I feed my newborn? Do babies sleep on their stomachs or backs? And whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned pro, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by conflicting advice from well-meaning family members, neighbors, and friends.

Relax — you got this. The maternity experts at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital help you learn to trust your instincts and feel confident in becoming a parent. Our free prenatal classes and birth center tours offer up-to-date information and advice about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood.

Take a Guided Tour of our Birth Center

Familiarize yourself with our birth center before you go into labor. During our guided tour, you’ll learn where to check in on the big day, see our labor and delivery and postpartum rooms up close, peek in the well-baby nursery, and have an opportunity to ask questions about your hospital stay.

Tours are free, but registration is required. Register for a tour online or call (804) 320-3627.

In the meantime, you can watch a 15-minute video of our newly renovated birth center.

Enroll in a Class (or Three) or Get Support

Our classes and support groups cover a wide range of topics suitable to first-time parents and those in need of a refresher. Many are free or low-cost and include evening and weekend options. We offer:

  • Labor Basics I and II. This two-part class will answer your most pressing questions about labor and delivery. Topics include the stages of labor, when to call the doctor or go to the hospital, comfort measures, pain control options, birth options, immediate newborn care, and postpartum recovery. This class spans two, two-hour sessions (four hours total).
  • Breastfeeding 101. Our two-hour class introduces breastfeeding with topics including milk production, how to tell if your baby is full, breastfeeding obstacles and rewards, pumping, storage, and more.
  • Baby Basics I and II. If you’re feeling unsure about how to care for an infant, you’re not alone. We’ll discuss your newborn’s appearance, feeding, bathing, umbilical cord care, sleep safety, and babyproofing your home. We’ll also provide tips for selecting your baby’s pediatrician. This class spans two, two-hour sessions (four hours total).
  • Boot Camp for New Dads. This practical, three-hour class is led by experienced dads, some of whom bring their own babies to class. They’ll help you understand what to expect during your baby’s first year. Topics include crying, feeding, diaper changing, and ways to support your spouse or partner.
  • Fast Track. Our two-hour refresher class is designed for parents who are having another baby and need a refresher about what to expect during labor and delivery. We’ll review true versus false labor, the stages of labor, postpartum recovery, and more.
  • Mindful Preparation for Conception — A Holistic Approach. This two-hour class explores how to naturally boost fertility and a maintain a healthy pregnancy. You’ll learn about the power of nutrition and the potential benefits of integrative medicine practices such as acupuncture, mindfulness, and restorative yoga.
  • Pregnancy Chats - Journey Through Pregnancy. Pregnancy Chats fosters small group discussions with other pregnant women on the topics of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Each informal session focuses on your personal questions and concerns, in a setting with other moms as well as a registered nurse to help answer your questions. Sessions are offered every other month and you may attend as many sessions as you'd like throughout your journey through pregnancy. Registrations are required and classes are FREE. To register please call (804) 320-DOCS (3627) or sign up online through our classes & events page
  • MyBirth Low-Intervention Birth Preparation. This intensive, six-hour class provides an in-depth look at low-intervention birth options. You’ll learn about the stages of labor, how to labor at home and in the hospital, comfort measures, and pain relief options. You’ll also tour the labor and delivery unit and meet our certified nurse midwives. Breakfast and lunch are provided.
  • MyBirth — Birth After Cesarean. This three-hour class is designed for women who are interested in a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). You’ll learn about the benefits and risks of VBAC compared to a repeat C-section.
  • MyBirth Prenatal Yoga at The Women’s Hospital. Help ready your mind and body for birth through physical yoga postures, breath work, and relaxing meditation. Our 75-minute class is taught by a trained prenatal yoga instructor and professional doula who talks about how our body changes during pregnancy, and tailors movements to your needs.
  • Infant CPR. Our one-hour course provides lifesaving information and hands-on training for treating infants who are choking or have stopped breathing.
  • Sibling Classes – Ages 3-5, and 6-10. Our 50-minute sibling classes help your child learn about babies and prepare them for becoming a big brother or sister. A parent must stay with the child during the class.
  • Grandparent Class. This two-hour class helps prepare grandparents for baby’s birth, with up-to-date information on baby care and equipment.

Ready to take one of these classes? Register online or call (804) 320-3627. **Note you cannot register for the support groups online or call, those are always taking place at the same time each month/week and there is no registration necessary.

Additional Support Services Offered at The Women’s Hospital

No registration required.

The Women’s Hospital at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital offers a wide variety of support groups that meet regularly.

Birth Circle
Meets on the first Saturday each month at 2:00pm.
Nelson Education Room at The Women’s Hospital
1602 Skipwith Rd.
Richmond, VA 23229

Join us for an informational, inspirational and fun event where mothers and mothers-to-be come together to talk about birth. You’ll share birth stories and have a chance to ask questions in a non-judgmental environment. Non-crawling babies are welcome to attend.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group
Meets on the first Thursday each month, 6-7 p.m.
Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute
7607 Forest Ave., Suite 110
Richmond, VA 23229

This support group is intended for parents and adult family members who are grieving the death of a baby. Losses include miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, or termination. The group is free and open to anyone in the community.

Safe Circle RVA

In association with our sister hospital Parham Doctors' Hospital, we offer support groups for pregnant or postpartum women who are struggling with Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Call us at (804) 289-4972 to learn more about meetings. Learn more about Safe Circle RVA.

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