After the birth of your baby, we believe mothers need support beyond a comfortable bed. At the Women’s Hospital at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital we are committed to providing you and your baby with excellent care.

Our brand new state-of-the-art Mother-Baby Unit consists of 29 private rooms designed for family centered recovery. We have a limited number of king sized bed available by request, first come, first served.

We believe that childbirth is a family time and that everyone benefits from family-centered experience. Family-centered care means that we welcome your family as an important part of your care team. We practice couplet care, which means your baby stays with you in your room at all times, even when examinations are performed. The same nurse will care for both you and your baby, optimizing communication, and we offer specialized care for babies who need closer observation.

Although we encourage you to have your baby in you room to help you learn to care for your baby and nurture bonding, we understand you may occasionally need undisturbed rest. When this is the case, you can rest assured you little on is safe and secure in our nursery with staff specially trained and dedicated to infant care. Our staff will work together to support your healthcare needs and educate you as you recover from labor and delivery.

Your recovery will be affected by many factors, including pain control, nourishment (view our menu) and rest. We will work with you to support your healthy postpartum recovery. We will help you balance leaving to be a new parent with healthy rest while in the hospital. Research and experience guide our staff on best practices to promote and nurture healthy families at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital. Again, we thank you for choosing our hospital for this very important milestone!